The Newbies' Ultimate Crash Course To Website Design Mastery

ATTENTION: Whether you are a complete beginner or have some website design experience, this web design course will teach you how to plan, design, build and market your own website with our...


"Grab 47 Step By Step Videos That Show You How to Build a Profitable Website PLUS HTML, Script and Graphics Training for Beginners in This Amazing Web Design Mastery Package "


Build Your Own Website In 45minutes from Now


55% Price Increase Takes Effect on October 25, 2020


Finally! A detailed web design course that helps you get your website to the internet as quickly as possible, shows you how to design graphics for your website, helps you interpret HTML, JavaScripts and CSS and even shows you how to promote your website and turn your web design skills into a profitable business– you never have to pay those expensive web designers who don’t even know how to market your websites again.

Bye-Bye to Expensive  - Seminars. Trainings. Courses and Certifications.


This Offer Expires Once The Counter Hits Zero



From: Efe Imiren
RE:     Build Your First Professional Website in minutes


Dear Friend,

If you have spent as little as five minutes on the internet, you would quickly notice that to do business on the internet, the first impression of your website will almost instantly determine whether or not you are going to make a sale.

Yes, in the today’s world, Your website can Make or Break Your Business.


Six Important Things Your Website MUST do for

Your Business, Your Profits, Your Products and Services


Your website should give you business repeat traffic and buyers to your business

Your website should Increase your online business popularity

Your website should Increase your Search Engine ranking and bring additional traffic to your site through the search engine ranking

Your Website should Increase the perceived value of your products and services

Your website MUST Increase your sales and finally

Your website MUST Increase your bank account


If your website is not doing any of the above for you, do two things right now - fire your website designer, and read this letter to the end.

           Web site design is so simple and fun to do, you will kick yourself for wasting all that money if you have ever paid a website designer.

             Jumping blindly onto the World Wide Web, trying to create your first website by trial, error and pure dumb luck, was a necessity - even a badge of honor - through the 1990s. But, to paraphrase a popular teen icon of the era, "That is so 20th Century."

             Creating a website today is something anyone can do, even if you've never even used a computer - much less the Internet. And "The Web Design Mastery Package" is a major reason why.

             Packed with tons of valuable information, this guide will take you from absolute beginner to a full understanding of the principles, technology and technical terms, ready to start creating your own websites.


"Truly your are a life saver!"

This is the best education on web site design that I have received.  I don't believe o got this course for such a measly fee.

- Yemi Olubodun

If you live on this continent, then you already know that there are plenty of 2 days web design seminars which promises to make you a successful web design professional after attending such trainings. The problem is,

              Most times, they are not detailed enough to give you the sound knowledge you need to launch a successful website for your business and that of clients which you may decide to build for.


Do Not Attend Any Seminar, Training or Buy Any

Supposed Video Training on Website Design Until

You have Read This Letter to The End.


                  There is much more to small business web site design than simply learning  Frontpage, HTML or Javascript. True, you can purchase another web design course or even attend another bogus 2Days seminar and you'll learn how to write HTML or even set up a joomla website. However, what these other courses DON'T tell you can cost you thousands of naira in lost sales. I have been there.

                  My name is Efe Imiren and I started my business and took it to the internet back in 2008. When I started, I was completely clueless to web design – I didn’t know jack about web design and I had never even owned a domain name, let alone create a business website.

                   However, I spent thousands of hours researching, designing, redesigning, testing and failing until I finally got it in 2011.

                   I spent 3 long years buying all the ebooks, joining membership sites, attending all manner of seminars, paying hungry web designers who were just out to collect my money and do shabby jobs – some even submitted mouth watering proposals for my website and then simply vanished after collecting the money and setting up ugly websites. Their phone numbers are constantly in voice mail and they are persistently un-reachable -   but through it all I learned exactly what it takes to succeed on the Internet with the right website design.

It wasn’t easy...far from it – but I was determined...

            After years of struggling, trial and error, I finally made it – my main web sites, one of which you are reading right now, brings in thousands of naira in profits each and every month. And, I want to show you how you can do the same thing.

I and my oyinbo friends will take you step by step through the entire process – from start to finish.

If you are in a hurry and just want to begin right now:

GET THE Web Design Mastery Package Now


Even I, a seasoned website and graphics designer discovered absolutely new things in this package.

- Onome Maureen


You see...I believe the process of building a profitable mini website is much easier when you're provided with examples -- not just basic examples, but in depth examples that you can edit to suit your needs.

       If you have been around the internet longer than 5 minutes, then you would have noticed that at the barest minimum, the learning of basic HTML is an absolute necessity if you want to be a successful, self-reliant Internet marketer. However,

         I was so tired of reading high tech how-to guides written in technical mumbo jumbo by someone who obviously was clueless to the predicament and time constraints of small business owners who engage Internet marketing plans to make a living online and boost profits.

          I knew there had to be a better way to help those wanting to develop their own web site. That's why I developed the Web Design Mastery Package.

           Don't get me wrong...if you're all excited and addicted about the latest technical terminologies and you're designing a personal, corporate or non-profit web site, I actually have a course on that – Advanced & Professional Web Design Mastery (APW-DMP) and you can get it here. However,

However, if you're looking for a straight forward, no filler, no fluff web design guide written specifically for the Small Business owner, Information marketer and Internet marketer, then Web Design Mastery Package is for you.


18 Things You'll Be Able To Do

The Web Design Mastery Package will enable you to

Discover the closely guarded secrets to professional web design used by professional designers

How to write your own HTML codes with copy and paste examples

How to design a professional web page template you can use to design your entire website

How to select the right fonts and where to download them free

Where to find professional looking graphics you can use in your pages free

How to specifically design your web pages to rank high in the Search Engines and drive targeted traffic to your website

  How to create a highly targeted, cash generating Mini-Web-Site

How to write powerful website sales copy that produces results

How to build your credibility on your website and increase your sales by up to 500%

How to select a quality, professional web hosting company that won't break the bank

How to put your website on autopilot

How to accept payment through your website

Where you can find sensational free scripts to spice up your website

How to develop your website's promotional strategy and drive a stampede of visitors to your website

How to develop your daily, weekly and monthly promotional strategies

How to advertise on your website for maximum results

How to use and format your email messages for maximum results

How to create a killer viral marketing ebook that will be a non-stop traffic generator for years to come

This explanatory web design training video package teaches you the step by step process of creating multiple page website even without any knowledge of HTML or programming.

It is 100% practical!

You are guaranteed to become a seasoned website designer after taking time out with this training. Whether You are designing a

Personal website
School website
Company website
Product website
Church website  or any other website you need to design.

With The Web Design Mastery Package you will become so skilled in website design to the point that you can Turn your web design skills into a Profitable business – because I will even show you how to promote your skills and website

You can put up a website and sell your website design skills for as profitable as N25,000 per website design job. Here is a sample of how your income plan can look like when you get this package:

Sample Website Design Pricing Plan Provided By

Web Design Package / Services You can offer

1 Page Website


2 Pages and Above




Custom Website Design



Web Hosting and Domain Registration



Website Search Engine Optimization NO YES
Web Site Marketing Plan NO YES
Life-time Support NO YES

Web Design &

Service Fee




Total Monthly Income if You do 2 Website Jobs Per Month



This is what your income potential looks like once you master the skills in this

Web Design Mastery DVD Package PLUS I will give you the templates that help me get single website design jobs that bring me N450,000 per job - I'm serious!


The Web Design Mastery DVD Package will be delivered to your preferred email address, and this is the content of what you will receive in the package:


A Collection of Amazing "Take You By The Hand" Videos That Show You Exactly How To Create Your Own Website Cash Machines!


      47 videos, 15 ebooks, 5 exclusive bonuses, and a Personal Guide

Lets check them out in details:


Hold-Me-By-The-Hand VideoTutorials

Web Mastery Kit # 1:

16 Kit-Butt Hold-Me-By-The-Hand Videos

Video 1 - How To Create Simple WebPages to promote your services and info-products

Video 2 - How To Add Autoresponder on your website

Video 3 - How to Register a Profitable Domain Name for your website

Video 4 - How to Get A Webhosting Account for your website

Video 5 - Website Sales copy Secrets

Video 6 - How To Publish Your Website

Video 7 - How To Insert Formatting Buttons on your website

Video 8 - How To Format Text and Change Background Colour of your website

Video 9 - How To add Pictures and Modify table cells

Video 10 - How To Create Hyperlinks on text and images

Video 11 - How To Create new WebPages on your website

Video 12 - How To Use Table Templates to create your minisite

Video 13 - How To Add Navigation Button To Your Website

Video 14 - How To Insert Moving Text to Your Website

Video 15 – I will Introduce you to Creating Professional Websites for Corporate bodies like banks

Video 16 – How To Decide on semi-dynamic sites and blogs

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Graphics VideoTutorials

Web Mastery Kit # 2:

13 High Powered Graphics Design Videos

Graphics Design Hand-Holding – 13 high powered videos that show you in step-by-step details how to design and work with Graphics for websites


 Click Here to Download Now



Hold-Me-By-The-Hand eBook Tutorials


Web Mastery Kit # 3:

High Powered Guide on Web Hosting Company Basics

Once you have completed your website, you will need to select a quality web host to launch your site on the Internet. However, with all of the different web hosts and options, knowing what to look for can be difficult.

This guidebook will provide you with a basic overview of how to select a quality web hosting company, what to look for in a good web hosting company and where to find them. In addition, you will also learn how to select a profitable domain name for your business and where to register it.


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Web Mastery Kit # 4:

How To Upload files To The Internet

FTP GuideBook: File Transfer Protocol, popularly known as FTP, is a very important part of web design, as it enables you to upload and download files to and from your web server.

Although your web host may provide you with the ability to transfer your files to and from your server through your control panel online, you will quickly discover that FTP is far better than what your host will provide you, as you will have more control over your files.

In this guidebook tutorial you will learn all about FTP, where to find quality FTP softwares and how to set it up so that you can transfer your files to the internet for the world to see.


 Click Here to Download Now


Small Coding for Beginners eBook Tutorials


Web Mastery Kit # 5:

CSS Easy Guide

Cascading Style Sheet GuideBook:  Cascading Style Sheets, is known as CSS in internet language. It enables you to specify the entire layout of your website, and allows you to specify how your images and text will display when a customer visits your website.

In addition, CSS will enable you to quickly and easily make changes to all of your website pages by simply updating one single file instead of having to update several files for one tiny change on your website.

Imagine if you just want to change a date on your website and you have 100 pages, how can you get it done without spending the whole day?

Learning how to use CSS alone can save you a great deal of time, as you won’t have to manually edit each of your website pages.


 Click Here to Download Now


Web Mastery Kit # 6:

Java Script Beginners Guide

Java Script Guide Book: JavaScript can provide wonderful functions, such as password protection, browser detection, or display information, such as the correct time and date on a webpage.

JavaScript can be used to give the website designer more control over a user's browser, and how that browser sees the webpages. There are literally millions of things that can be done with JavaScript and this book will show you how.

In this book you will discover 3 Hot websites where you can “copy and paste” free Javasrcipts to do fun things on your website you don’t even need to learn how to write your own java program – just “copy and paste”, nice – simple – easy web solution.


 Click Here to Download Now


Web Mastery Kit # 7:

Design Quick Tips for Beginners

When you begin designing your own websites, you will quickly learn that in order to create special effects within your website pages, you will need to learn how to use special effects and codes.

Although some special effects will require you to install scripts on your web server, there are many prewritten codes you can use directly within the HTML portion of your web pages, such as HTML and JavaScript

This book provides you with over one hundred tips and special effect codes you can use to improve your web pages.


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Web Marketing Secrets


Web Mastery Kit # 8:

Web Marketing Secrets

Website Marketing Guide Book: Many people believe that all you need to do is build your site, place it online and money will automatically start rolling in. That is a far-fetched dream my dear friend. The fact is, you must learn how to drive traffic to your new site and continuously promote it if you are going to make any money from the internet.

This section will provide you with some of the best marketing and promotion methods used to drive traffic, as well as some tools you’re going to need


 Click Here to Download Now


By simply learning how to design a professional small business mini web site, you will significantly increase the number of visitors you get on your website, the perceived value of your product or service, your sales and ultimately your bank account. This is guaranteed; I have tried it.

Think of how many businesses, organizations, and individuals will need your services.

Think of how many online businesses you can create for yourself to make you money on auto-pilot every single month of the year.

Take note that most times when you execute web design projects for some  organizations or small businesses, they will retain you for the monthly maintenance and updates with a healthy monthly maintenance fee.

This can literally translate to hundreds of thousands in cash value monthly with a steady workload of projects for you. You see my dear friend; Your Success Depends on Your Web Site...


So how much exactly is this Small Business Mini

Website Design Video Package?

You see, you are about to acquire a skill that will not only save you huge sums of money, but the skills you are about to discover can actually make you money and even make you self employed within days.

I know of web design seminar organizers who make their students cough out as much as N35, 000 per seat to teach the exact things you will discover in these videos.

In fact, I even have several friends who charge as much as N250,000 to help organizations put up simple business websites which serves nothing more than a signboard to their business on the internet.

So you are about to equip your self with a skill that will forever be in demand as long as their in internet, either you’ll need it for your own business or for the business of your clients. And to help you make a profitable decision for yourself and your business, I am giving you all of these Hard-to-find bonuses if you pick up the package TODAY.



Web Mastery BONUS Kit # 1:

Complete Professional Business Website Design Templates


200 Professional Web design templates for Small Businesses


 Click Here to Download Now



Web Mastery BONUS Kit # 2:

Complete Mini Website Design Templates

15 Complete ready-made Mini Web site design templates


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Web Mastery BONUS Kit # 3:

Pricing Strategies for Business Owners


Winning Pricing Strategies for Business Owners – Shows you How to SKYROCKET your business profits by up to 500% with proven pricing strategies.

How to determine the precise number of total sales you want to make from each and every web site you own, and exactly how to achieve those goals!  

You will discover how to set the right price for your products and services and get happy customers who will pay for your product no matter how high the price.


 Click Here to Download Now




Web Mastery BONUS Kit # 4:

Structures of Profitable Minisites

Secret-Unannounced Bonus worth $49 – an detailed guide book on the structure of a winning and profitable mini-website


 Click Here to Download Now



Web Mastery BONUS Kit # 5:



Download Links to 12 Killer Videos by one of my Oyinbo friends on “How To Create Mini Websites that Generate Income on Autopilot 247 While You Sleep or are on Vacation” Content of these 12 Videos include:

The "secret psychology" of minisites, and how to use it to practically hypnotize your visitors into buying your product.

In this kit you will discover: The "secret structure" of a minisite sales letter, and how you can use it to create KILLER sales copy, even if you can't write worth squat!


 Click Here to Download Now




Web Mastery BONUS Kit # 5:



You will Discover How the Leverage of Reaching Millions of Potential Customers through Web Copywriting!


In this book, you will discover,

Two Essential Tools You Need When Copywriting on page 21

Copywriting for the Online Reader on page 12


 Click Here to Download Now


And to help you make a quick decision to get these videos, I am giving it to you at a small token of N10, 500 within the next 72 Hours (3 days)

You get to have ALL the 47 videos, 15 ebooks, 5 exclusive bonuses, and Personal Guide for a token of N10,500 within the next 72 hours because I want help save money on your website design needs and fire your  web designer so you can save money to put in other parts of your business. After 72 Hours (3 days) the price goes to N15,900.


How To

55% Price Increase Takes Effect on October 25, 2020

4 Easy Steps To Get Your Pack

Yes Efe! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that

  • I need minimum computer literacy skills in order to fully use this training package. The minimum skills I need to possess is the ability to create folders, browse for files, copy and paste files and save documents in Windows.


We have Provided You With

2 Payment Options



Payments Option A

Click the "Order Now" Button Below to make Direct Online Payment with Your Naira/Dollar ATM Cards



Payments Option B

Direct Bank Deposit Through:-

Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer, Online Bank Transfer

Step One: The access to the entire 47 videos, 15 ebooks, 5 exclusive bonuses, and Personal Guide is limited to 72 hours only; therefore first reserve your videos by sending a SMS with your Name, Email, GSM, and “I want Web Design Mastery Package” to 0803 297 8011  

Step Two: Pay N10,500 into the following account details Ten thousand, five  hundred naira)

We accept both Direct Deposits and Online Transfer Payments as well as Bank to Bank Transfers into: 

Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing

GTBank Account Number:  001 135 9820


FirstBank Account Number:   201 500 7720


Step Three: Send an EMAIL with your name, email, teller number, name on the teller, amount paid and the bank to, date paid, GSM and delivery address to payments @ .

Title of your email MUST be 'I paid for Web Design Mastery Package

Step Four: We’ll confirm the payment and send you the package to the delivery address you emailed to us.

Allow for 5 working days for delivery after payment confirmation. That’s it.


47 videos, 15 ebooks, 5 exclusive bonuses, and a Personal Guide all for a small token ending in 72 Hours.


This Offer Expires Once The Counter Hits Zero




Efe Imiren

Nigeria's Information Marketing Queen

CEO, ServiceForts Publishing

PS: To get a smart and good web designer to build you a simple website will cost you nothing less than N15,000 – if the web designer knows the worth of his skill and if he is less busy. What happens if you need like 3 different mini websites for 3 different products or services or you are about to launch a new business on the internet urgently?

PPS: Here is an opportunity for you to acquire in less than four hours, the same web design skills for which your web designer is charging you outrageously high bills…

PPPS: For a highly discounted investment of N10,500 you can get all 47 videos, 15 ebooks, 5 exclusive bonuses, and a Personal Guide . That is not all

PPPPS: This 55% Price Increase Takes effect on October 25, 2020 . Once you miss the deadline, the price of the videos go up to N15, 900 and you will loose all the 5 exclusive bonuses. The web design mastery video kit will save you money, help you remove web design frustrations and help to increase your online profits by up to 500% increase in naira when you use it. Don’t miss the 55% Discount to get the videos TODAY .

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